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Our Services

Our Philosophy and Approach

Fundraising and development impacts the daily operations and future sustainability of not-for-profits, either in a positive or negative fashion. NFP leaders need to effectively harness the power of the philanthropic community to allow them to fully achieve their vision and mission. To achieve this their organisations must become more donor-centric. We see a lot of NFPs trying to improve in this area but without support and relevant tools the good intent is lost.

We have developed a suite of fundraising and development tools and strategies based on the latest in fundraising theory and practice to help your organisation instil a donor-centric culture and attract more philanthropic support.

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Fundraising Services in a Pandemic

We can help you to deliver successful fundraising programs and navigate these turbulent times.

As a starting point, why istockphoto 524544836 612x612not take advantage of our free one-hour consultation to talk about your current plans and bounce some ideas around with us?

We recently wrote an article about fundraising strategies in a pandemic. See: here

Since then we have continued to refine our thinking. We believe the key to survival for many organisations will be how quickly and effectively they can solicit support from major donors and trusts and foundations. We can help you to reach out for philanthropic support in a sensitive manner - using proven strategies and a structured approach that is evidence-based. The steps are straightforward:

  1. Identify potential major donors. This may involve wealth-screening your donors and/or undertaking prospect research.

  2. Agree fundraising goals for urgent needs and write them up as compelling stories to appeal to donors.

  3. Contact potential major donors and trusts and foundations for immediate funding, and at the same time collect structured feedback from donors about the approach as it is rolled out (test, test, test!).

We can work with you to implement the above steps very quickly - so you are up and running in a matter of weeks. We have multiple major donor campaigns under our belts, have interviewed literally hundreds of high-net-worth-individuals over the years and helped to raise many millions of dollars. So we have precisely the real-world experience you need.

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Fundraising Campaigns

People on graph 2We have successfully conducted multi-million dollar fundraising campaigns for educational institutions and not-for-profits and have the professional experience and qualifications to excel in this field. Donorcentricity supports comprehensive, capital and single purpose campaigns for not-for-profits, universities, faculties, centres, foundations, schools, museums, art galleries, hospitals, institutes and more.

You will receive the expert level of support you need to review development and fundraising operations, identify prospects, conduct feasibility studies, generate strategic and operational fundraising plans, recruit campaign leaders, project manage special events, create campaign collateral, and to properly resource and implement effective campaigns.

We are strong advocates of a donor-centric approach to fundraising, placing the donor at the centre of an organisation's focus along with its beneficiaries, and opening up communication channels with donors to achieve deep and long term relationships. This approach is reflected in our campaign planning and implementation strategies.

Our flexible terms of engagement includes the option of our training and mentoring your own staff through the campaign process, recruiting in talent if you need it as your own staff, providing our own resource as consultants, or coordinating with specialist associates regarded as among the best in their field. Whatever your preferred solution, you will receive professional and affordable support to achieve a successful outcome.

Feasibility Studies

Before embarking on a major project such as a capital fundraising campaign, major donor fundraising campaign or similar, many organisations benefit from conducting a 'Feasibility Study', sometimes called a 'Community Consultation Study'. The study helps to test and refine the campaign strategy and materials, and is often viewed as a crucial first step in a campaign because it helps to identify and qualify potential major donors. A feasibility study is also an important donor-centric strategy, it encourages existing and potential donors to help shape a proposed initiative and fosters a sense of ownership. Indeed, it is helpful to view a feasibility study as the first phase of a campaign, not as a stand-alone research exercise.

We will work with you to identify and invite potential participants in the study, design a questionnaire to obtain the critical information needed to embark on a fundraising campaign with confidence, conduct the interviews, collate the data, write and present the Feasibility Study Report and provide concrete recommendations about the next steps to prepare and execute a successful campaign.